Wedding updos for long hair

As a future bride-to-be, you understand how important it is to sport a wedding hairstyle that suits your dress, jewelry, wedding theme, and hairstyle to the ‘t.’ Many brides will start to plan their wedding hairstyles several months before just to guarantee that they do, in fact, look the best they ever have on this huge day. Updos have always been the classic choice when it comes to wedding hairstyles. They’re simple, easy-to-do, and it’s almost impossible to go wrong with them. They also complement the majority of wedding themes very well. Long hair is the most suitable type of hair for styling wedding updos.
Updos are elegant and simple ways to do your hair on the big day. We’ve hand-selected 4 wedding updos for long hair that will match every bride’s taste and almost never go out from style:

Traditional Ballet-Bun Updo

A ballet bun is always a very attractive hairstyle at weddings, proms, and other special events. Pull your long tresses back to make that perfect bun at your head’s posterior. Since the look is quite chic and simple, it will look great if you add in some bridal hair flowers, veils, or other wedding headpieces.

Classic French Twist

This is another timeless and stunning classic. The French twist is a decent option as well for long hair wedding updos. Your tresses are basically swept back to be secured in place with some charming French twists in the back of your head. A tiara together with a finely constructed French twist can really help you achieve a regal bride look.

Curly Updo

This is one of the most gorgeous looks to have on your wedding day, with or without veil, headpiece, tiara, etc. Long hair needs to be swept back to secure at crown of head. Then, curl excess hair and pin onto head to create that sophisticated look that screams ‘perfectly under control.’ This typical prom-style look is jazzed up into a wedding-standard classy and mature look by sweeping the longer bangs over forehead to a side and pinning it there. You can add in some accessories too, but the curly updo will make its beauty statement alone as well.

Chic but Messy Updo

With this hairstyle, hair can be brought back to form sections that start near the top of the head. It is first secured in place with pins. Wispy hair strands will be left to stick out. This look is carried on all the way down to the back of your head. This creates a classic Taylor Swift, yet messy, look. For modern brides who don’t intend to wear a veil, this is a great look. Both the bride and her headpieces will look absolutely stunning with the chic messy wedding updo for long hair.

How to Do a Basic Wedding Updo

If you want to turn your wedding hairstyle into a big DIY project and feel confident enough to carry it off, proceed by all means. Long hair wedding updos should be the first hairstyles you try out because they’re just so easy to do and look way too good for the amount of effort that goes into putting them up (not much at all…). Particularly if you’re having a summer wedding outdoors, updos will keep the hair off yoru shoulders and neck. When styling your hair for weddings, sleek is the best route to follow. Using some hair gel to sleek up the straight hair is never a bad idea before you get started.

  1. Pull all the hair high up onto the head. Secure with small elastic for hair. If you’ve got short layers on your head, you’ll need to run on some mousse at the top and sides to secure the bobby pins. After you pull it into the ponytail, a few more bobby pins may be needed to secure it.
  2. Twist your pony tail to form a bun lying against the top of your head which hides your hair elastic. Secure this against the head using some bobby pins on the outside of bun as well as anywhere else that appears loose.
  3. Spray hair with hairspray to get rid of all frizzes. Pull out some bangs or slight wisps of hair to achieve the romantic look on both sides and near the nape of the neck so that it frames the face.
  4. Slide on a bridal headband chosen to match your outfit or some ornate barrettes to finish it off. This is, of course, an optional step.
    It’s generally much easier to disguise bobby pins and hair elastics if they are almost the same colour as your hair.
    We hope these wonderful wedding updos for long hair have got your creative juices flowing fast enough to think up some beautiful hairstyles for your wedding day.