Side ponytail updo

The side ponytail updo is one of the most in-vogue wedding hairstyles at the moment. Other ponytail wedding hairstyles include the long ponytail and braided ponytail, both of which are chic and simple. Your wedding hairstyle should enhance your natural beauty while still making you look extremely stylish and special. Brides that have long or medium length hair should definitely consider trying the side ponytail updo for their wedding. In fact, having long wedding hair means that you’ve got a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to wedding hairstyles. If done up correctly, the side ponytail updo can look highly sophisticated. Most ponytail hairstyles are also quite easy for recreation so you can also do it at home without professional help.

How to Create the Side Ponytail Updo

With the side ponytail updo, you basically wear your long hair in a side-swept elegant ponytail.

  1. Before the wedding, leave ample time to wash your hair and allow it to dry. Working this hairstyle on freshly washed hair can be difficult.
  2. Prepare the hair with some hair gel. You always want a smooth look with wedding updos that will last for several hours. If you’ve got naturally curly hair, straightening gel might be the solution.
  3. First, you should work a curl-enhancing product on the lower-half of the hair. This can be done with a curling iron too. Create large curls using the curling iron’s biggest barrel. Comb your hair to a side and make a deep side parting.
  4. Then, comb back the rest of your hair. Sweep your curls to the opposite side of your part. Secure it to this side using an elastic band, several bobby pins, or jewelled barrettes.
  5. The placement of the pony tail can be played around with. You can place it slightly high up on your head or a bit lower, depending on your liking
  6. Use strong hairspray to keep your hairstyle in place all day and add extra-hold. If there are real natural flowers being used in your hair too, make sure you don’t get too much of the spray on those. Add in a bridal headband or tiara if you wish to complete your look.

Twisted Side Ponytail

You can create a unique variation of the traditional side ponytail by simply adding a little twist on the front. Put on some mousse or volume-enhancing foam on your hair and spread it throughout using a comb. Then, divide your hair into a deep side-part. Collect a big hair strand on the front, opposite the part. Twist that hair section, first loosely, then towards the back of your ear, then twist this again tightly as it reached the back of the neck. Then, hold that twist in place while you gather together the rest of your hair on that side and create a side ponytail. Use an elastic band to secure the hair. Use booby pins to pin up the loose hair strands. Next, curl up the ponytail with your 1-inch curling iron. Then, wrap small strands of the hair around elastic band to secure with bobby pin and enhance the sophistication of the look. As usual, add extra-hold with hairspray.

Other Ponytail Updos

Classic with Curls

Classic ponytail hairstyles add some great flair to your hairstyle with their flowing curls. Use smoothing crème on your hair. Then, comb all of it back to make a ponytail. Secure this with elastic band that matches your hair colour or is clear. Use large-barrelled curling iron to create bouncy curls in all of hair. Put on some hairspray. Add in some more barrettes or jewelled bobby pins to the hair front for some more sparkle. Else, wrap and tie bridal headband on the top.

Braided Ponytail

Eats Indian brides are the ones that have influenced the long, braided ponytail look. It works best on really long or medium length hair. First, apply styling cream throughout the hair. Use a comb to invent a new deep side-part. Comb all your hair back and secure into ponytail with elastic band. Separate ponytail into 3 equal pieces. Braid it leaving around 4 inches of hair off near the end. Secure braided hair with second elastic band at braid base. Spray your hair with extra-hold hairspray to make sure the braid stays in its place throughout the wedding activities.

Warnings & Tips for Doing the Side Ponytail Updo

  1. Make sure you practice the wedding updo well in advance of the big day. You should be relaxed and calm about every single aspect of the wedding when the big day arrives
  2. Find a close friend that will help you try the updo if you’re too nervous to try it on your own.
  3. Silk flowers tend to be easier for securing into ponytails although fresh flowers are more gorgeous.