Messy updo

Loose updo, messy updo, wavy updo – whatever you call it, it’s one of the the classic wedding hairstyles sported by college and university girls the world over. How do you spice that up to be classy and elegant enough for a wedding? Well, celebrities like Taylor Swift have done it over and over at weddings, in music videos, and many other places. So, today, we’re going to put the messy updo wedding hairstyle under the spotlight.

How to Create a Messy Updo

The exact technique you use to build your messy updo is entirely up to you. The word ‘messy’ is a part of its name for a reason. It can be done on long and medium length hair, straight and curly hair, all alike. Two options you have are:

Piled-Up Updo
This works best with long and straight hair. Simple gather your straightened hair on top of your head, taking separate locks at a time and pin it in place in a disarrayed fashion using bobby pins.

Side Swept Messy Updo
With this hairstyle, you get to choose the focal point of your hairstyle. This lets you control the placement and height of your updo, drawing away attention from things like an ovular face or slight crooked nose. Placing the side swept updo higher up your head will draw attention to the forehead and eyes. On the other hand, placing it a bit lower will enhance beautiful cheekbones and lips. Therefore, you can play around with the updo height on this one to accentuate your best features.

Bohemian Style

The Bohemian style is another messy updo that’s very popular of late amongst brides. It’s half messy and half wavy. It produces an earthy and free look. Your hair should be of a wispy texture and be treated with a serum to make it appear as if you’ve been at the beach all day long. Gather half the locks and pin it up for a full-on effect. Then, twist sections of your hair and create a criss-cross parting. Like many of the other messy updos, this one is also very versatile and looks smashing too.

Add hair accessories

Don’t be afraid to add a large flower or fancy hair pin that draws attention. Those look fabulous with messy updos. Messy updos are all about individual creativity because there simply is no specific look or regime to follow. You can make it look feminine and romantic, wild and edgy, or playful and messy, depending on your preference and personality.

Play with the hair textures and angles to achieve the perfect look. No complicated techniques for styling to follow with this one. There’s no ‘just right’ standard to worry about producing. With the messy updo, a little disorganization is good.
Messy updos can look extremely versatile and elegant on your big day. Lose updos are for stylish brides and offer a younger and more modern appeal to the bridal get-up.