The Half updo

If you want a very natural-looking hairstyle, you’ll want to consider doing a half updo for your wedding day. It’s most suitable for long hair and in curly updos. It’s also very easy to recreate on your own. Recent bridal hairstyle trends have been leaning towards wearing your hair down in waves or natural curls. However, many brides have found this too casual for the big day. Instead, you can mix in a sense of elegance by pinning up part of the hair and adding in some carefully chosen accessories.

Perfect ‘Soft’ Formal Wedding Hairstyle

To create a half updo, you need to start out by wearing some hair fronds down around the neck and ears. This is ideal if you’re a bit self-conscious about how your ears look when the centre of attention, but are still keen to get that ‘sophisticated’ updo look.

If you’ve got short hair, but really want an elegant half updo for your wedding day, you could consider using a hair piece matching with your hair colour to make it appear as though you’ve got long hair. Although they used to be very costly in olden days, they’re now very easily available from chemist shops, hair salons, and pharmacies. They’re an easy way to quickly create whatever wedding hairstyle your heart desires.

Partial updo hairstyles are a great way to keep your wedding hairstyle a mix of formal and informal. Half updo wedding hairstyles are the most popular hairstyles amongst brides nowadays. That’s because of their ability to work on all types of hair. Brides can achieve that sensation of casual perfection, sophistication, natural beauty, and elegance all in one hairstyle with the half updo. It also works very well with a number of different bridal hair accessories. James Warner, renowned bridal hair stylist, recommends brides to do a ton of browsing around and shopping for different styles and accessories before heading to their stylist. According to Warner, you’re very likely to find lots of new and upcoming styles you’ll never know existed if you’re going to a regular hair stylist.

Styling Your Own Half Updo

You can make your own half updo by dividing up the top and bottom halves of your hair. Imagine horizontal lines across your head back going from the top of your right ear to the top of the left one. Make use of a comb and pick to divide up your hair along that line. Then, style the top half while you let the bottom down. Tie up the top hair into a bun or make a tight twist out of it. Curl it up and pin it in place if you want a curls crown. Or you can also tie it into a ponytail. Then, let the rest of your hair cascade down the middle of your back. You can add some body to bottom by curling the edge of your hair.

Half Updos Are Versatile

Half updos are very versatile when used for the big day. The main reason that makes them so versatile is how they can be used with all kinds and lengths of hair. Be it hair hanging above your shoulder or ultra-long hair, half updos will work. It’s also one of those hairstyles that will work whether you have or don’t have bangs. Although things like flower accessories and long curly locks can help enhance the look, brides will achieve that soft, casual elegance either way.

Accessories to Use with Half Updos

We remind stylist that even bangs are an essential accessory. Half updo hairstyles with bangs can be swept to a single side so that they frame our brides’ eyes. Hair that lacks bangs can be plumped up and back-combed over the forehead and beside the face to make extra body.

Tiaras are another bridal accessory that works very well with such hairstyles. Gather together the upper half of your hair around the head crown so it appears as though it’s bursting from the top of your tiara. It will still maintain a certain level of softness since the hair is falling around your shoulders.

Half updo hairstyles also work great with flowers. Place a big flower to one side of the head right over the ear or in the accumulated and pinned hair to add some natural accent.

Tips for Styling a Half Updo

If your half updo has slipped out of its place, it is likely to become messy and unbecoming. To ensure that this doesn’t happen during or after the wedding at any cost, try doing a hair rehearsal a couple of days before ceremony. Check the time for which this style actually stays put on your head in real life. Because half updo styles don’t force the bride’s head to carry around all her hair’s weight, they are comparatively easier to wear. However, normally, a bride will need to keep her hairstyle for up to ten hours on the big day. Make sure you get your hair stylist to be present at the venue for reception, wedding, and photos to manage your look and fix up any chance accidents. You wouldn’t want your big day to be ruined by something as simple as a hairstyle.