Half up half down wedding hairstyles

Half up half down wedding hairstyles really suit long faces very well and create a classic maiden look. We describe how to put up some of the hottest half up half down hairstyles of the season together, exclusively for you.

The simple half and half hairstyle

This half up, half down wedding hairstyle or half updo is really simple. It involves taking back the side sections on your hair back around to meet at the back of your head. It can be done with long and medium length hair both, though it suits long hair best. Curly and straight hair will both rock this look. Use an elastic band at the back. Leave out this wisps and locks at the side to frame your delicate face. An interesting twist can be added by straightening the bulk of your hair and only curling up the sections that meet at the back. This style, in fact, is used as the base for most wedding hairstyles.

The Swirled or Princess Updo

This is one of the easiest yet most gorgeous updos ever. It suits almost everyone. All you need to do is get your hair curled into long and large sections so that you’ve got a princess-like gorgeous look. Then, pull back sections of your hair from your nape to your ears. Pin them into particular spots or just follow the line of the hair to achieve that ethereal sensation. Twist and flip over the hair sections for a dramatic effect. Pearled pins of beaded ones can be used on the hairstyle to finish it off.

A Raised Top Updo

If you want a loose hairstyle that still keeps out of your expensive make-up, consider raising the top section of the hair a bit and pinning it into place. This can be done best using a hair teasing technique. Just separate out the top section of your hair from right above the ears like you’re going to be doing one up/one down. Then, pin every section along the head top separately by folding them into a small bubble each time before pinning. This adds height and, since the sections are individually pinned, it adds a softer natural touch to your look too.

So, if you’re trying to choose the perfect half up/half down hairstyle for your wedding, wash up your hair, invite some girlfriends over, and stock up on lots of snack. Then, have a mini pre-wedding blast while shopping for wedding hairstyles!