Easy updos

With all the running around and hurry on your wedding day, you might be looking for an easy updo that will stay put and doesn’t have too many attachments coming with it. The chignon is one such classic bridal hairstyle that will go with your beautiful ball gown hand in hand. However, if you look at traditional and classic hairstyles and find that really not to be your thing, we believe one of the following three modern easy wedding updos will definitely fit your bill. These 3 relaxed wedding updos will simultaneously give you a glamorous bridal look too.

Side Chignon

This is somewhat of a sassy twist on the classic elegant look. Start with a fresh, dry, and clean head of hair. Create deep side partings to both left and right. Then, comb the hair back. Use volumizing lotion to work your hair and make more volume. Make side ponytail. Secure this with large clip or coated rubber band same colour as hair. Complete the hairstyle with a spritz of quality hairspray.

Braided Chignon

This is a gorgeous hairstyle that’s medium-easy for recreating at home. Again, start with clean hair. Work in a ¼ size dollop of volumizing mousse or straightening cream to hair. Use straightening cream if you’ve got curly or wavy hair. Blow dry it to make straight with iron. This is probably the easiest classic updo you can do by yourself at home.

Use the mousse in its place if you feel that the hair is flat and requires more volume. Part the hair into several sections. Keep both front sections on your thinner side. These are the braid sections. Next, take your back section to twist into chignon.

Secure this with bobby pins. Then, take both front sections and turn each into a small braid. Hold one braided section to pin close to scalp side. Then, take lower part of braid to wrap around the chignon. Secure this braid in place with a pin to chignon. Repeat same steps with other braid. Add some hairspray.

Soft Curls Chignon

Of the hundreds of wedding updos we’ve seen, here’s one that’s really easy, relaxed and still manages to look quite romantic. As usual, you start out with a freshly washed head of hair. If the hair is curly already, comb in some anti-frizz serum and follow it up with some blow drying. If you’ve got straight hair or wavy hair, take a small or medium sized barrel on your curling iron. Create loose waves. Then, twist the hair into chignon pinned close to scalp. If you’d like to take some loose curled tendrils out to frame your face, spray them too keep the whole look together.

How to Do an Easy Updo for the Wedding

If you’re a bride with budget, you might not be able to afford an expensive salon. Instead, you could try to twist and coil your hair into a simple updo for that very special walk down the aisle. We provide you with two step-by-step guides to easy wedding updos.

Wrapped Ponytail for the Wedding

  1. 1Spray the fresh washed hair with 3-4 squirts of volumizing spray or setting lotion. Coat the damp strands with this product and use a wide-toothed comb. Flip hair upside down. Then, work with your fingers from root to tip.
  2. Blow dry the hair with a large brush (round). Until fully dry, brush your hair in all directions. If you’ve got longer hair, make sure you bend over to let the hair hang upside down and dry out evenly.
  3. Add in curls to hair with a 1.5-inch curling iron. Start at forehead and create big ringlets until you completely fill the hair with curls. Comb hair in order to release the curls and increase volume. Do this with the fingers.
  4. Separate the hair out into 3 sections. Pull out centre section to form a low ponytail using a covered elastic and brush. Col hair in ponytail round base and create low bun. Keep bun in place with 4-5 U-shaped hairpins.
  5. Twist to wrap other 2 sections around bun. If you need more volume at crown, tease out the top part using a rat tail comb before you criss-cross the sections around lower part of pony tail.
  6. Pull out some wisps from the hairline to add some sexiness and a tousled touch to the wedding updo.

Warnings & Tips for Doing Easy Updos.

Always spray your hair with medium-hold hairspray to make sure you get a classic updo that will stay put both during and after the wedding ceremony or reception
To add some variation to easy wedding updos, wind your hair more tightly or loosely. You can also try pulling out some loose strands around the hairline and ears.