Curly updos for a Fantastic Wedding

Curly hair, if styled correctly, can look very elegant, romantic and sophisticated on the day of your wedding. Even if you’ve got massive curls that are sometimes difficult to control, don’t you worry. Just make sure you use a high quality hair spray to keep it all in place at the end. Here are some fantastic ideas for a curly updo at your wedding:

Curled Ponytail

This style can be easily done at home and looks wonderfully romantic too. Make large locks of curled hair with a curling iron. After it sets, gather it all into a loose pony tail. Leave some sections outside to add height on the crown of your head. Do this by flipping the pieces over each other. Then, use a rat-tail comb to lift it all up a bit.

Loose Curls

The luxury of romantic-looking, loose curls can be achieved even if you’ve chosen an updo hairstyle. All you’ve got to do is gather all the curled bits over your head and pin the curls into place. This could be as unstructured or structured as you want. Beads, accessories, and flowers can also be added in for elegance and the ‘pretty!’ effect.

Spanish Senorita

This look will suit brides with all kinds of facial shapes and is inspired by Spanish traditions. It takes lovely curled pieces and locks and gathers them into a big cluster at the crown. This then descends onto the nape of your neck. It looks best with a wedding hair band on the cluster or a full tiara. Alternatively, you can use a big Spanish comb for extra effect.

Romantic Soft Curls

The age of romantic brides will never come to an end. This epitomizes the emotions and feelings that every single bride radiates on the day of her wedding. To achieve a romantic curly look with your hair, lightly wave or curl it. Then, pin it back to create a pretty line. This hairstyle also shows off your beautiful face a bit more.
Add some height to the look again by twisting the sections together or flipping the locks over every other. You can also get a bit of the ‘pixie fairy’ look by smoothing sides back. Add a tiara and veil for the finishing romantic touch.
Straightening your hair for wedding hairstyles is not always the route to follow. Traditional romantic hairstyles like those highlighted above usually involved curling of hair especially for the wedding day. Try one of the great curly updo ideas above.