Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Short hair has been criticized in the past for the lack of flexibility when planning a fine wedding hairstyle. Close to the wedding, most brides will grow their hair longer so that it can be shaped into an ornate and glamorous wedding up do on the big day. Do not fret though! Women nowadays love short hair because of the convenience that comes with taking care of it. We’ve come up with some of the most unique wedding hairstyles for short hair that’ll leave your wedding guests gaping in awe.

Short Curly Hairstyle

Curling isn’t a very easy task with short hair. If it’s difficult to curl with a curling iron, simply pin it in place in loops and invent your own temporary curls. Add in some pearls or beads all over or some tiny flowers, and you’re set to go. Make sure you leave 1-2 loose strands to frame your face and add the extra sophistication.

The Sleek Look

Hair Extensions Galore Slick the hair back and use it as your base for whatever style of extension you want to use. This is good when you’re stuck in the last minute and forgot to grow your hair long for the wedding, but simply cannot imagine turning up at the wedding with short hair. On the other hand, you could leave the sleek hair as it is and simply tuck a bright flower behind one ear to get the casual, modern, and fun look.

Spiky Hairstyle

Most brides wouldn’t choose this simply because it stands apart from ‘conventions’ so much. But, if you’re a daring chick and want something that looks different and edgy for your wedding day, then this style is perfect. The spiked hairstyle involves pulling over all hair to one side, then spiking out that side much like a fan. The hair at the nape can be spiked while something else is done with the top of the head.

Sassy Look

This cute, chic hairstyle focuses on bringing your textured, shorter hair out front and combining a floral headpiece with the look. It will only work if you’ve got a short hair cut that’s tapered on the sides. A texturizing spray is applied to the hair when dry, and it is then blow dried. Light wax is used to add volume to the hair at crown.

Don’t fall into the false belief that you can’t do much with short hair at your wedding. There really are tons of innovative and beautiful ways to wear your short hair like a beautiful bride on your wedding day. Just think about what kind of style will best complement the dress you’ve chosen, your face’s shape, and the kind of hair you’ve got.