Wedding updos 2012

Before you decide whether you want a wedding updo in 2012 decide if your a hair bride or a veil bride.

You’re engaged!

The next thing many brides think about is growing out their hair. But into what? How should you wear it? is it Wedding updos 2012? or down-down? Romantic or chic? Traditional or trendy? Do you want a veil? If so where will you attach it? On the top of your head? In the back? Do you want your veil tucked into the updo or covering it? Will you keep the veil on or do you want to remove it at the reception? Choosing wedding hairstyles can be daunting!

Wedding Hair brides

The hair bride calls me a year in advance, or more! She prefers the focus to be the hairstyle, the ornamentation or headpiece (minus the veil). We discuss what will best complement her features, gown, and ambiance of wedding. Then we put a growing out plan together. One or two trial runs will insue and suggestions for veil and headpieces will be discussed. Many a hair bride is quite content to just place the veil behind the Updo and wish to remove it at the reception. She will talk more about the hair and care more about the hair. Many times she does not want a veil at all! Wearing a blusher many times is done just to please mom or dad. The hair bride can’t wait to whip off that veil and get down to a good time!

Veil brides
I know I have a veil bride when she tells me she wants to keep the veil on at the reception. So I help her choose the best one to complement and balance the gown and face. Veil brides like full veils and some like edging and ornamentation. Veil brides like long veils, multiple layers and usually chooses a blusher. The hair may be secondary; only necessary to be a support for helping to pouf up the veil. Or she may have short hair. Veil wearers beware! A full veil on top WILL keep falling forward all evening as table visits call for leaning over. Also with each hug (and hundreds will be given!) the veil will be yanked. It will also get in the way of dancing and I have seen brides pull at it all night, as the netting gets caught on any beading. After being educated most brides do consider removing it and I help show them that option. The veil being the symbol of virginity and really only needed as tradition at the vows, is not necessarily meant to be kept on all evening.

Final tips
My suggestion to every bride is too specifically veil shop-around.
Don’t be talked into the veil that “goes” with the gown.
After you have your gown discuss your hairstyle options with your stylist before you shop for your veil.
Have your wedding updo done first and then go shopping, that way you will have a excellent idea of how your “do” will work with your headpiece.

Lastly, check out for many cool ideas!

Professional wedding hair stylist Gretchen Maurer has over 18 years of experience in wedding beauty, including having done her share of flower girls! She is the author of The Business of Bridal Beauty, which includes a section devoted to the flower girl. She is also the creator of a web site strictly devoted to wedding hairstyles. She has two daughters of her own and can speak from personal experience!