Hair updos 2012

Some Great tips on how to get the perfect hair updo 2012

  1. Sit up straight for your haircut
    Don’t cross your legs when you sit in the stylist’s chair — it skews your posture, so your hair cut could be uneven once you stand up. Instead, sit up in the chair, legs uncrossed. Nobody wants uneven wedding hairstyles
  2. Collect hair updo pictures
    The biggest hair disasters arise when your stylist doesn’t understand what you want. pictures of updos that you like will help convey your message.
  3. But be realistic
    You may love an updo on a magazine model, but if your hair is not the same texture or your face is not the same shape as hers, the style won’t look the same on you. Ask your stylist for variations appropriate to you.
  4. Soften a square jawline with layers
    Your updo could be a half-up half-down do or even a down-do, its more important to match the style to the face than have a style that doesn’t suit you. Keep the layers long and choppy around the lower half of your face.
  5. Use your hands
    Instead of asking for an inch off the ends, use your hands to show your stylist where you’d like your hair to fall.
  6. Color after you haircut
    Your haircut will affect the look of your color, so wait until you’ve trimmed to add highlights or try a new shade.
  7. Go for length to slim a round face
    A hairstyle on the longer side — say, to your shoulders — makes a full face look narrower. Its not a hair updo but if it suits you better.

    Keep your options open
    Sometimes, an unexpected urge to go short can leave you with a haircut you may not have tried otherwise, but that’s perfect for you!