Bridal hairstyles 2012

Choosing a Tiara can be a daunting process especially if you intend to purchase it from the web. Here’s some great advice

Before you even think of choosing a headpiece, choose your gown, it is far easier to match a headpiece to the gown than the gown to the headpiece. It is important to choose a style that suits your face, features and your bridal hairstyles 2012. If you have a :-

Round face: You can make your face appear longer by choosing a tiara that has height or a peak.

Long face: A tiara with little or no height that extends over your head from one side to the other at an even height.

Oval face: You should avoid pieces with a peak at the top; they will make your face appear longer. Choose a headband, or a back piece which will make your face appear less oval

Full face: Make your face appear longer by choosing a piece that peaks at the center.

And what are the different types of Head piece?

Tiaras – The most popular of headpieces complementing any style of gown and can be worn with or without a veil. Most of our pieces would come into this category. Tiaras suit short as well as up swept wedding hairstyles.

Headband/Double headband – Headbands work well for brides who wish to wear their hair down, the headband keeping the hair away from her face. A headband can also be used to decorate up swept hair. Double Headband can be worn like a single headband but can also be tilted forward like a tiara

Bun Crown – A crown is a complete circular design that is worn around an updo. Can also be worn as a crown.

Tiara Comb – A comb that is decorated in a similar fashion to a tiara and can be worn with most hairstyles. Can be used to give a less formal look.

Once you have chosen your tiara be sure to show it to your hair stylist in plenty of time before the wedding, so that they may get familiarized with it. Each tiara is different and your stylist will thank you for this. And thats it really, just remember that once you put on a Tiara you become a Princess and everything will go just great.