Bridal hair 2012

The right bridal hair in 2012 is just one of the things that help make the perfect wedding. The following is a list of tips to ensure everything goes smoothly so that you look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day.

Plan your Hairstyle ahead

This is all about deciding on the type of style you are looking for. Look through magazines and not just bridal ones. The glossy bridal shoots are often designed for the studio and are often impractical for an actual wedding. Talk to your hairdresser – they know you and your likes and will be able to suggest wedding hairstyles that would suit you. Also talk to them about a hair care regime

Basic Haircare

This comes down the using the right product for your hair type. Your stylist will be able to advise you on a hair care regime, which is suitable for your hair. Have regular cuts every 6 weeks with treatments. If you colour your hair, it is important to use the right products – normally a colour-care shampoo and conditioner, plus a leave-in treatment. These products help prevent colour fade and maintain the vibrancy and condition of your hair. I would normally recommend that you have your hair cut and coloured one week before the wedding to allow your hair to settle.

What bridal hair 2012?

What style ultimately depends on your personal preference, but you also need to consider:
The time of the ceremony is it day or night?

- Is the ceremony inside or outside?
- How long do you need the hair to last?

Some guidelines when choosing a style are:

All Up updo: Very sturdy and will last all day and night. This look is very glamorous and stylish, suitable for both day and evening ceremonies.

Half up/down: Still sturdy and should last all day and night depending on the hair type. This is a romantic look, very young and youthful. Normally a day style but does transform well to evening wear.

All down: Not practicable for outdoor weddings as this style won’t last as long as the other two. The look is romantic and modern but normally considered more for the daytime than for evenings.

If you have decided on an upstyle for your bridal hair 2012 then wash your hair the night before as most hairdressers prefer to work with slightly dirty hair on the day, your own natural oils will help keep your hair shiny and smooth.
Remember that some hairstyles can add inches to a bride’s height, and shorter brides may choose to use this to their advantage.

Hairstyle Accessories

There are many different types of hair accessories available today a few suggestions are:

Tiaras are available from most bridal shops and some hairdressers. Prices vary from $60.00 to $300.00.
Silk flowers are becoming very popular today. There is a wide variety of silk and fabric flowers available at the moment many of which look like fresh flowers and can be found in department stores, salons but for the best design I have found flea markets to be the most creative with one off designs. Pricing starts normally around $30.00.
Real Flowers are the traditional way of hair decoration and still look fantastic. However, be careful to choose the correct flower. You want one that won’t wilt and is not too big for you head. Talk to your florist about the hardiness of flowers and also talk about the type of flower with your hairdresser at the trial. Prices vary form florist to florist.

In salon, or come to you?

This is a personal decision, and to be honest the quality of the work provided by either a salon or a mobile hairdresser should not vary. Make sure that you trial your hairdresser somewhere between 2-3 months before your wedding, as this allows plenty of time should something go wrong at the trial. The advantage of the salon is that often you can get everyone done at once, the disadvantage is that there may be multiple stylists involved whose work may vary slightly and you still have to coordinate getting your party to and from the salon. The advantage of a mobile hairdresser is that they come to you so that you are not rushing around on the day, the disadvantage is normally only one hairdresser so with a large wedding this means an early start.

How to choose a wedding stylist

The best advise I can give about choosing a hairdresser is to talk to a couple of hairdressers and listen to what they have to say about your hair and what they would do with it. They should talk about your hair history, what type of colours you have had in the past, what type of cuts you have had and what you did or didn’t like about them, and generally get to know you and your tastes in style.

The Hairstyle Trial

At the trial you should talk about the dress and the image that you are after. Have pictures which you have found in magazines to help your stylist design the style for you. Also have your head bridesmaids with you to give advice. The cost will vary from hairdresser to hairdresser so make sure that you get prices before hand.

    Things to look out for when trialing a hairdresser are:

  1. The cleanliness of their equipment. If they are salon based this also means the salon. Tidy hairdressers do tidy work.
  2. How well organised the hairdresser is. Is the equipment layed out ready to go or arranged in an orderly manner and packed well in their bags.
  3. Are they interested in you and your wedding? Did they ask about the dress etc?
  4. Have they suggested hair styles for you. Did they give you advice on your hair, not just the styles for your wedding but on hair care, as well as cutting and coloring advice?
  5. Are they punctual? You need your stylist to be running on time on your wedding day.

Who gets their hair cut first

I always start with the bridesmaids making sure that a good communication is maintained to allow for changes in the hairstyles as we go. Then I do the mother of bride and any other relatives who are booked in, then comes the bride. The bride should be done last or near to last to make sure that she looks fresh. Last but not least the flower girls, only because of their age. Flower girls hair tends to be fine and wispy, and often does not hold styles well, plus they sometimes get impatient!

Pre-wedding haircut and hair color

Your Pre-wedding cut I feel should always be done by the hairdresser who is going to do your hair on the day of wedding. This takes away any chance of the hair being cut too short, and the hairdresser having difficulties with the style on the day. If you need to have a different hairdresser cut you hair, make sure they show you how much hair they are taking off before they start cutting. Any colour work should be done anywhere from one to two weeks before the wedding. Style and colour changes are not recommended just before the wedding, and definitely not on the day.

The Big Day

The day of the wedding has arrived and you have to keep to a schedule. Try to wash your hair the night before, rather than on the day. You should allow approximately 40 mins for hair styling per person. What you should try to do is make a schedule for people to work by. Bridesmaid’s hair and make up should be done first, then the mother of bride, the bride herself and last of all the flower girls depending on their ages. Also, try to make sure that there are no errands left to do. Having people rushing in and out is very frustrating for the stylists, and may cause your party to run behind schedule. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the person who is doing your hair and make up. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life so you have to start it being relaxed and well prepared.