Wedding hairstyles 2012

Like everything else when it comes to your big day its important to plan the choice of hairstyles well in advance – as much as 12 months isn’t unheard, so if your big day is in 2012 its already time to start planning. While its important to get your wedding hairstyles 2012 right – it more important to get the timing right.

Your bridal Hairstyle at 12 to 6 months

It a good idea to talk to your hairdresser about wedding hairstyles as soon as you get engaged. Mention that you’re getting married at your next appointment so you can start getting ideas together, this is especially important if you want to grow you hair for the big day.Take time to look at lots of different hairstyle pictures to get an idea of the kind of style you would like.Sort through old photographs of yourself with different hairstyles to see what really suits you.

Your wedding hair at 6 to 3 months

Book a specialist wedding consultation with your hairdresser to talk through how you want your hairstyle to look on your wedding day.Take along any relevant photographs of yourself or hairstyle pictures that you like. If you have any pictures of your dress or fabric swatches show these to your hairdresser too. Describe the style of neckline your dress has as this will affect how you should wear your hairstyle. Discuss any clear ideas of what you want and don’t want your hair to look like. Seek your stylist’s advice on what would really suit you and get them to try out a few different looks. Use your phone to take lots of pictures of these tryouts. Talk about whether you would like to have a tiara, hair grips or fresh flowers in your hair. If you want a tiara ask for advice on whether gold or silver would suit you best.Discuss whether you will be wearing a veil or not as your hairdresser will need to consider attaching the veil.

Your Hairdo at 3 to 1 months

Now is the time to think about getting your hair in great condition, go for regular haircuts and treat yourself to a series of deep conditioning treatments. Consider having a color put in your hair, even if you don’t normally have your hair colored a subtle tint will add body and shine.

One month before the big day

Make a final decision on how you are going to wear your hair on the day and have a practice run. It’s a good idea to time how long it takes to do your hair so your hairdresser won’t be rushed on the day.If you have your headdress take it along for to you trial run so you can really see how you will look on the day.

Your Hairstyle at 3 to 2 weeks

If you are having your hair permed or colored now is the time to have it done along with your final trim. This allows enough time for your hair to settle down so you can get used to it and change anything your not completely happy with.

And Finally Your Hairstyle on the Big Day

Get to the hairdressers on time so you can relax and enjoy being pampered.