Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

So, you’re excited about being a bridesmaid and need to choose a perfect hairstyle for your beloved friend or relative’s wedding. The perfect bridesmaid hairstyle is one that doesn’t outshine the bride, even by mistake. You need to stand out, but not overdo it.

Always keep it simple. Avoid dozens of extensions, huge curls, and too many accessories. Take a look at our expert tips on selecting bridesmaids’ hairstyles.

Different wedding hairstyles will suit every bridesmaid. One thing you can go by is the length of their hair:

  1. Hairstyles for Short Hair Short hair
    is generally easier and quicker to work with as there’s little to no work to be done to achieve the perfect effect. Light layers are best for bridesmaids with short hair. Pin up the hair behind her ears and part front bangs a little. Accessories and small clips may be added to match with her dress. Avoid overdoing the accessories as it can look kitschy.
  2. Bridesmaids with Medium-length Hair
    We recommend a small bun with a few strands of hair flowing out. Hair can be curled or layered to give a little bit of cover over the ears which can be brushed back easily. Part the front fully to display entire face and still bring attention to above hairstyle. Again, a restricted amount of accessories can be used to beautify this hairstyle.
  3. Long Hairstyles for Bridesmaids
    Long-haired girls have lots of options for bridesmaids’ hairstyles. The best most recommended one is tying the hair into a bundle that’s set in the back of the head and not on the crown. A flowing straight hairstyle is also good most of the time. However, this doesn’t suit all face shapes, so try it on well in advance of the wedding. Accessories are welcome in moderation as usual.

Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Hairstyles

  1. If you’re the bride, it’s easy to become a bit overbearing without realizing it. Although you should feel free to chip in where you’ve got suggestions for your bridesmaids’ hairstyles, remember that it is their hair, after all. They should, at the least, have a say in what kind of hairstyle they’d like to wear.
  2. On the other hand, if you’re a bridesmaid, do try to be accommodating to the brides’ suggestions for hairstyles. After all, it’s her big day, and you can style your hair your way every other day of the year instead. Of course, that doesn’t take away your rights to your own opinions.
  3. All the bridesmaids don’t have to look like identical mannequins. It’s best if you choose hairstyles that suit each bridesmaid depending on her type of hair, face shape, and length of hair. However, all the bridesmaids should be tied together with a common hair accessory such as ribbons, flowers, or barrettes of the same kind and color.

One thing that should be kept in mind while choosing hairstyles for bridesmaids is that they should not overshadow the bride’s hairstyle. Instead, they should complement the bridal hairstyle while still looking elegant. As a bride, one should never worry about being overshadowed by bridesmaids simply because that’s YOUR big day and no one can steal it from you. Your handsome groom’s eyes will be trained on you no matter what hairstyle the bridesmaids are wearing.