Getting the Taylor Swift Updo Right

Updos definitely are the hottest bridal hairstyle trend this season. Last year, it was the messed up look doing the round, but, this year, you’ll find more celebs going for structured updos with a messy finesse to them – simply exquisite!

If you’re one of those crazy Taylor Swift fans that loves the way she does her hair, you might want to sport the Taylor Swift updo at your wedding. It’s fancy and elegant, yet not too regal. However, not every hair stylist can achieve the Taylor Swift look. It’s also very easy to cross the line between messy and neat with wedding do’s. Taylor Swift updos stand on that fine line of balance between both sides. So, make sure you try it out in advance and hire someone who relaly knows her stuff.

The secret behind getting the Taylor Swift updo right like those sported in her hit song ‘Love Story’ is not looking too neat, yet still put together. Most of her updos look loose and flowing even when pulled up into buns or away from the face. So, try not to be too immaculate.

If you haven’t got curly hair, you’ll have to master the kind of curls she’s got. Typically, she sports curls that are high in volume and have a kind of bounce to them. They’re not exactly big nor small or tightly held in place. It’s kind of a messy and tousled curl that she usually uses.

Use the technique that you are most familiar with when curling your hair. You don’t want to ruin your hair right before the big day just because you HAD to look like Taylor Swift at the wedding. The best advice would be to get a professional hair stylist to do your hair for the wedding. Make sure the right kind of equipment, gels, and hair cream are being used. Very large or very small curling irons usually will not produce the right kind of curls for the Taylor Swift updo.

After you’re done with curling, put up your hair in a style similar to Taylor Swift. Refer to picture of her hair style and tutorials on Youtube for this purpose. Leave all your hair loose and secure the curls in place on your head with bobby pins. The best way to recreate the Taylor Swift updo for your wedding day is to take a picture of it to your hair stylist.