Jessica Alba Updo

Jessica Alba is one of Hollywood’s top actresses that has time and again been debated over as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s also one of the most stylish ones. Jessica Alba’s updos have always been very fascinating. Never one to be timid with hairstyles, we have seen this lass rock some updos that very few women can hold up well.

Over the years, Alba has displayed everything you can think of in hairstyles. She is very versatile and has braved everything from long-haired updos, brunette looks, blond hairstyles, black hairstyles, and even short-haired updo. She will be the first to admit that the few hairstyles she has carefully avoided simply don’t work for her. However, her determination and willingness to always be a mile ahead of the trends is what makes her one of the top hairstyle and fashion icons of present times. Her oval-shaped face allows for a very broad range of updos. And, we’ll say, she has totally taken complete advantage of that!

In 2010, this award-winning actress opted for medium to short length hair. While we best love her ultra-long hairstyles, she’s definitely sported some interesting updos sans the long tresses.

Side Fringes & Bangs

Side fringes and bangs not only accentuate your best features but also add an overall ‘softness’ factor to your look. Jessica Alba has been seen with the choppy bangs at many events. Her light skin and black hair compliment this updo with panache. Other notable celebrities that have tried the new-age choppy bangs include Drew Barrymore and Kirsten Stewart. Before styling your locks into choppy bangs, always wash your hair.

Braids & Bun Combo – The Boho Look

This new Jessica Alba hairstyle truly blew us away. We can tell that a lot of thought has gone into devising this updo. Her wavy hair is pulled into a gentle messy bun. Then, cute Boho braids are made to wrap around the left side of her hair. Surprisingly enough, this looked absolute phenomenal and complemented the gold earrings that came with it perfectly. This hairstyle is definitely a keeper, especially if you’re planning a beach wedding.

The Messy Updo

Like many other celebrities, the messy updo has been one of Jessica’s favorites in the last few years. Her gorgeous neckline and distinct facial features suit the messy updo quite well. Finish off this look with some big dangling earring to go the Alba way. In fact, we’d even go as far as to say that Jessica Alba looks best with the short messy updo that’s both casual yet just elegant enough for a formal occasion. The hair can be set with a big rod-curling iron or hot rollers to create the soft waves. The hair is then to be pulled back into a messy low bun and held in place with a barrette of your choice. Jessica Alba is most often seen donning pearl barrettes of an exquisite antique demeanor.

Curly Romantic Updo

In this hairstyle, Jessica places her curly bun high up and displays her full neckline most of the time. She’s been seen at many formal gatherings with this hairstyle. The waves down the front give volume and add height to her hair. This is definitely one of her easier updos if you’re looking to recreate it.

Thick Bun

This sophisticated look had Jessica’s hair pulled back and straightened in the front. Many loose bangs were then left to swoop down and brush her eyebrows. The back of the hair is pulled into a strong thick bun. While most fans adore Jessica with her soft curls, this firm updo definitely works with her too.

Retro Updo

Another hairstyle Jessica recently sported was one that had her wavy hair woven into an elegant retro updo. The hair was teased first to add the all-round volume. It’s honestly a mix of a retro and modern feel.

What Hairstyles You Can Expect from Jessica Next Year?

We expect many more fabulous updos from Jessica Alba as she continues to be one of Hollywood’s biggest trend setters as far as updo hairstyles are concerned. It is expected that her preferred color of hair in the coming year will be mainly blond and she will be sporting some short-hair inspired updos in her upcoming movies.

Bear in mind that your wedding dress and face shape are important deciding factors in your choice of wedding hairstyles. Jessica Alba’s updos truly deserve praise and accolades. However, they may not shine as much as they do on her on all brides. Your wedding hairstyle should be chosen to bring out your best features. The best idea would be to speak to a hairstylist or test out how Jessica Alba’s updos look on your face through one of the many online hair makeover software.