Carrie Underwood Updo

Except Taylor Swift, who else do you think is the biggest hairstyles icon on Earth right now, no other than the amazing Carrie Underwood! She’s swept up several awards at the People’s Choice Awards and delivered a performance that few will forget at the Super Bowl. Her stylish updos have always been innovative and bold statements of elegance and style. Many brides would love to replicate one of Carrie’s beautiful updos at their wedding. She’s become a very important trend-setter for prom and wedding seasons all over America. As soon as she’s shown up at some award function or music launch with a new hairstyle, you’ll see young women and girls flocking to copy her all over the country and in many other parts of the world too!

Carrie Underwood has always been known for wearing her feminine soft curls with pride. They never look ‘overdone’ which is great for brides that want a hairstyle that’s good-looking yet all-natural as well. Her hairstyle at the Academy of Country Music Awards was particularly amazing as has been described further down this article.

Whether she’s donning a classy pulled-back formal hairstyle or half updo with a very casual effect, Carrie’s always been one of the leading fashionistas when it comes to updos. We cover some of Carrie’s hottest looks that have caught on like wildfire.

Pulled Back Bun- The Carrie Underwood Way

This classic wedding updo seemed to be Carrie Underwood’s favorite hair style for formal occasions in 2011. She’s been seen with it on a number of occasions. Recently, Carrie showed up at an awards’ night function with her beautiful earrings and beautiful face shape peeking out from under a bold pulled-back bun. At another function, she turned up with a similar updo that had a bit less of the elegance appeal. The second one was just perfect for wearing to proms and if you’re looking for an easy wedding updo. It definitely won’t take hours to recreate. She, sometimes, leaves aside some nice side bangs to accentuate her bun and allow her well-shaped neckline to soak up the attention.


Since Carrie’s foray into the industry, she’s sported a number of hairstyles. This lass is also known for showing off the simple down hair look most of the time. Besides that, she’s tried the pulled-up pony, side-swept pony, and short bob too.

This beautiful country crooner just got hitched with Mike Fisher, Ottawa Senators star player, last summer. He one-sided updo was a very sexy one. She’d set her locks into rollers to create beautiful waves in her medium length hair to achieve that soft finishing. This kind of a style takes quite some time to recreate. It is best suited for women with long shapes of face.

Beauty Lies Within: Your Personality Makes Your Perfect Wedding Hairstyle Shine

You’ll notice that Carrie’s never tried to stand out from the crowd as far as hairstyles go. She uses the standard updos and just adds in some ‘Carrie-ness.’ Carrie’s great smile and fun personality has always brought out the best in her innovative updos. That should remind you that every women is beautiful, and more so on her big wedding day. Remember that this is probably one of the most important days of your life and one of the most special ones as well. It’s the day you’re going to be entering into wedlock with a partner that you promise to love and cherish forever. Don’t let the stress of planning the wedding get to your head, particularly on the big day. Be calm

and happy. That’s the main key to making your wedding updo shine out, and that’s what makes you look like a stunning bride – just like Carrie Underwood.

Carrie’s Updo at the American Country Awards

Recently, Carrie showed off an eye-catching curly bun undone at the latest American Country Awards. It’s got quite a lot in common with Anne Hathaway’s updo of wisps, teased roots, and waves. However, it’s definitely an amped-up edition of that. Carrie’s swept her bangs over one of her eyes to overlap the wisps on that side. This should appeal to those of you that find immensely symmetrical wisps highly annoying. She also uses an off-center bun pinned with somewhat messy curly haphazardly to create a whole fun and sassy look. She’s also gone for a higher level above the crown with the teasing. It all went really well with the red dress she wore. It’s just perfect for a festive season wedding.

You won’t quite be able to tell what she did from the front view of the picture. But, she’s taken tiny ropes of hair from every side of her head and pinned/twisted them back to make a gorgeous half updo. Very sweet!

The Carrie Underwood updo is certainly a very unique and interesting hairstyle. Consider trying this out for your wedding day. It’s a bit messy, yet elegant at the same time. Some brides might prefer a more sleek, neat, and polished look though. Some have also criticized her hairstyles for simply having too much going on up there.