Choosing Wedding Tiaras

You’re finally getting married!!! You’ve been waiting for this your whole life and have got everything from the perfect dress to the perfect venue to the perfect groom decided upon. Then, why leave out the perfect hairstyle then? Practically every bride wants to look just like her daddy’s little princess on her wedding day. A sparkly tiara may be just what you need to add that special magical effect.

That being said, not every tiara will suit you perfectly. We’re here to help you choose a tiara that will accentuate your best features and disguise the not so good ones:

  1. This is probably the most-oft repeated piece of advice, yet the most important as well. Choose the gown first. All accessories and hairstyle decisions come afterwards.
  2. Your tiara should be chosen to match the shape and proportions of your face, as described below. Your color and style of gown is only secondary, in this respect.
  3. Don’t choose a tiara that overwhelms the simplicity of your gown. Design details of your veil or tiara should only accentuate the beautiful dress into a gorgeous bridal gown. There should be an overall harmony and balance between the pieces of accessory you choose.
  4. Choose a tiara that will complement your hairstyle. Most tiaras are versatile enough to accommodate a myriad of hairstyles. Read the tiara descriptions for this detail.
  5. Tiaras you choose should match the type of sparkle in your gown. If there are pearls on your gown, then tiara with pearls it is. If it’s floral designs on your gown, seek a tiara with similar details. If it’s a straight and plain modern white gown that you’ve chosen, choose a tiara with geometric straight lines to echo the shape of your dress. Typically, tiaras with no pearls and Austrain crystals only will complement every kind of gown.

The Face Shape Code for Tiara Shopping

Tiaras are designed to draw attention into your face and its frame and not the opposite. A wrongly shaped tiara could make your otherwise beautiful face look too full and short or thin and long. Here’s the code to stick to

  1. Long Face: Flat tiaras with almost no height that will extend over the width of your head from one side to the other at a balanced height
  2. Full Face: Wear tiaras that feature a V-shaped peak at the top to project an illusion of a longer face.
  3. Round Face: Choose tiaras with extra height or peaks to lengthen the appearance of the face.
  4. Oval Face: Avoid peaked tiaras. Wear a tiara on the forehead, back of your head or a headband, instead, to reduce the oval appearance of your face.

And, finally, never fall for the way it looks in the pictures. Just because it looks amazing on the model, it will not automatically look perfect on you. Your hairstyle, wedding dress and face shape really need to be taken into account when choosing a tiara. Also, buying many tiaras only to try them on and return it later can be both time-consuming and expensive, so avoid that too. Instead, read through the tips we’ve given you very carefully and make the right choice the first time round.