Bridal hair flowers

When a bride prepares for her wedding day, she will be choosing from a wide selection of accessories, hairstyles, and innovative ideas for her perfect bridal attire. Flowers are things that have always been considered a symbol of happiness, peace, and prosperity. How then could you leave out something so positive from your bridal get-up plan? You’ve already got the traditional bouquet in your arms. Why not spice up your hairstyle with some beautiful bridal hair flowers too?
You can choose the natural fresh ones or choose from the beautiful silk hair flowers that many wedding attire stores keep in stock nowadays if you’re afraid fresh ones will wilt on the wedding day. Silk bridal hair flowers tend to resemble their fresh counterparts very closely. They can also be found in a much wider range of colours and be custom-made from the same material as your wedding shoes or dress if you like. Velvet and silk flowers will not wilt. In the case of strong breezes at beach wedding venues, such hairstyles will remain undisturbed whereas natural flowers may start blowing all over the place and ruining your make-up.
Today, crowns made of bridal hair flowers are still commonly used in many traditions and cultures. For example, many brides of Native American Indian origin wear maize crowns at their wedding. Norwegian brides always wear white roses. Spanish brides, on the other hand, often wear bridal crowns made of orange blossom. You’ll find leis necklaces around the necks of Hawaiian brides instead of floral crowns. In Hawaii, the bride is traditionally supposed to wear a pikake lei (necklace of scented jasmines) while the groom is supposed to wear fragrant vines or a maile.

Different Bridal Hairstyles That Use Flowers

Today, fashionistas and hair stylists have devised a number of unique hairstyles that are both classy and incorporate the flowers we adore so much into them. Some of the most popular and elaborate hairstyles like this are:

  1. Loosely Worn Flowers: If you or the bride in question has short or long hair, you can scatter out the flowers loosely throughout the hair and secure them in place with clips. Several small flowers can be used if you’d like to make a statement or only a few big flowers.
  2. Updo Flowers: If you’re wearing an updo hairstyle with your bridal dress, you can secure flowers throughout it using clips to finish it off. Another option is to attach one big cluster of flowers at the back of your hair.
  3. Bridal Veil Flowers: if you’re wearing the conventional bridal veil on your wedding day, customize it by securing some flowers near the front of the veil, at the hair line.
  4. Hair Jewelry & Hair Flowers: some brides like to wear hair clips and jewelry on their bridal hair. Flowers usually complement these very well too.

Choices Available When Choosing Bridal Hair Flowers

You’ve got a lot of variety to choose from when you’re picking out the best flowers for your hair that will complement the hair design and dress you’ve chosen. Bridal hair flowers should co-ordinate with the wedding bouquet too. Either you can use the same flowers or simply match the colors up to look good together. Choose fragrant flowers to add to the ambiance, wedding sensation, and festivity. In fact, both the bridesmaids and bride may choose to wear similar or same flowers on their hair.
You can follow the local tradition of weddings and choose native flowers that grow in the area where your wedding is happening. For example, a lot of Asian brides wear red roses to enhance their luck. They also use orchids and cherry blossoms with it. Common flowers used for wedding hair are:

  • Daisies
  • Roses
  • Valley lilies
  • Peonies
  • Gardenia
  • Orchid
  • Lilies
  • Jasmine
  • Carnations

Which Color of Wedding Flowers to Use?

It was the Victorians that popularized what flowers mean when exchanged in bouquets between lovers. However, you’ll notice that a lot of cultures provide their own interpretations for wedding flower colors too. Some of the most common flower color meanings are below:

  • Red roses stand for passion
  • Pink roses stand for romantic love
  • White Roses stand for innocent love
  • Purple tulips stand for royalty
  • Orange blossoms stand for chastity
  • Red tulips stand for perfect love.
  • Carnations symbolize pure love

Different cultures will interpret different flowers’ colors differently. In China, for example, red is meant to symbolize luck & happiness, not passion. Japanese believe the color purple to be a sign of love. Latin Americans consider white, purple, and yellow flowers to be symbols of death and funerals. Spanish believe particular species, like chrysanthemums and dahlias to be related to death. Depending on the traditions, beliefs, and cultures of both the bride and groom’s families, choose bridal hair flowers that will not give rise to controversy on the big day.
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