Bridal hair accessories

Preparing for your big day is one of the most thrilling and challenging things you’re ever going to do. As you’re already aware, there’re literally tons of things to be taken care of, arrangements to remember, and choice to makes. In the rush and worry of preparations, do not forget your bridal hairstyle and the even more important bridal hair accessories that will need to be chosen.

Bridal Hair Piece from Velvetowl

Kiarra- crystal beaded bridal hair comb from Velvetowl


As is obvious, there are a lot of different types of hairstyles for brides out there. To go with these various hairstyles are many kinds of different accessories. The worst thing you can do with your wedding hairstyle is to add too many of these accessories, use ones that simply do not complement the wedding theme or dress, or not use any at all! Too many accessories on the head can make it appear unattractive and gaudy. Simplicity and elegance are the keys to a perfect wedding hairstyle with the perfect bridal hair accessories.

We’ve put together some very useful tips that you should keep in mind when you’re shopping for bridal hair accessories. This will give you at least one thing less to worry about when preparing for your big day.

In this day and age we have seen a trend in brides going with a more retro look and putting their hair up in a bun. However, if you are looking for more of a modern day look, you may want to even look at hats. There are many different hats that are great for weddings ranging anywhere from small and dainty, to very large and noticeable.
With all the movement, pictures and dancing that you’ll be doing all day long, you really need something that makes sure your hair stays in its place perfectly. There are many effective ways to make this happen. You can use headbands and hair combs for one. They’re usually aligned with gemstones and crystals to match your dress and add an elegant touch to your look too. So, that makes them quite multi-functional when incorporates into your wedding hairstyle.

Together with the right kind of hairstyle, any of the wonderful bridal hair accessories, like beautiful bridal hair flowers of silk, available today will make you feel like a princess on your big wedding day. Take your time to explore all the choices you’ve got and keep your exact hairstyle in mind when choosing accessories, in terms of functionality, practicality, and aesthetic appeal.


A tiara offers you the most ‘drama-queen’ style look. You can find some gorgeous accents with tiaras that will match almost any gown style, be it contemporary, traditional, ball gown style, or simplistic beach style. You can wear a tiara both with and without a veil. Most will be accented with exquisite Austrian, Swarovski, and AB crystals. Faux pearls, freshwater pearls, and rhinestones are also used commonly in the design of tiaras. Both short and long hairstyles are well-complemented by tiaras, as well as updos.
However, remember that the wrong shape of tiara might make your face appear too short, fat, thin, or long. You should choose a tiara that draws attention to the best features of your face. Here’s a short guide:

  • Full/Round Face: In order to make the face appear a bit longer, you should choose a tiara that has some height to it or one with a peak.
  • Long Face: Choose tiaras or headbands with no or little height that only extend from one side of your head to the other at a level height.
  • Oval Face: Avoid those pieces that have peaks on top. This will make the face appear a bit longer. Choose headbands, hair pins, or side hair combs instead if you can.

Headband – One of the Most Functional Bridal Hair Pieces

These are extremely functional options. Those brides that prefer to wear their wedding hair down can use a headband to keep the hair off their faces. It can also be used with side-swept hairstyles. They look great with short hairstyles too.
Triple or Double Headband: The most versatile type of headband is the double headband. It can be worn both as a headband flat on the head, in tiara styles titled forward on the head, or as a bun wrapped around, whichever styles goes with your look.

Bridal Hair Comb

The bridal comb is another simplistic hair piece that you can wear with practically any hairstyle. It looks somewhat like the tiara, but only smaller. Depending on its style, you can go with a somewhat lesser formal look with the bridal comb. It can also be worn on different hair parts.

Bridal Hair Pins

Hair pins tend to be very versatile as well. They’re a great choice for all kinds of hairstyles. Whether it’s the invisible ones that form the base of every bridal hairstyle or the ornate ones that mainly are used for aesthetic appeal, hair pins are an important part of every bridal hairstyle. Particularly for beach brides, hair pins are a must-have on your wedding hairstyle.