Wedding Hairstyles

Choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle is a major part of preparing for your big day. It effects everything from how the wedding pictures will turn out to the confidence you feel when you walk down the aisle and how close you will get to the absolutely perfect wedding look.

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyle photo Before choosing your style, look at our photo galleries, articles, and videos, This will give you a fuller picture of the choices you’ve got when choosing a hairstyle. You can also check out expert advice on the best way to choose a tiara, bridal hair combs, and bridal headpieces. If you want to include bridal hair flowers in your hairdo, check out our article on incorporating flowers into just about any type of hair style without interrupting the original feel of the look. We’ve also chipped in with the latest trends in bridal hairstyles – the latest celebrity wedding hairstyles and other spicy wedding hairs trends.
Wondering what the big 2012 wedding hairstyles will be?

Together with extensive galleries of some of the most stunning wedding hairstyle pictures ever, we present to you in-depth tutorials and advice on achieving the same classic hairstyles on your own at home or with the help of a professional stylist. We provide you with information on pampering and preparing yourself for your big day along with how-to guides for relaxing and creating easy and fun hairstyles while trialling different hairstyles before the wedding. Once you take a look at the amazing collection of bridal styles we’ve got, you’ll be equipped with all the information you need to pick out the look that will make you shine like a princess at your fairy tale wedding that you’ve waited for so long for.

Huge Collection of Wedding Updo Hairstyles

As a bride, you’ve already got a lot to worry about on the wedding day. Wedding jitters and having your hairstyle turn into an absolute hair-don’t halfway through the wedding, is every bride’s nightmare. That’s why we recommend you try one of our amazing wedding updo hairstyles. They’re simple; they’re chic; they’re classic wedding tradition; and they keep your hair out of the way and properly set on top of your head where it should be. Relax, sit back, and browse through our stunning gallery.

Having your wedding hairdo turn into a hair-don’t shouldn’t even cross your mind. Sit back, relax and browse our stunning gallery of wedding hair for brides, hairstyles for bridesmaids, and any other women in the bridal party. We’ve also got accompanying how-to guides on every single updo to help you re-invent it on your own when planning a wedding on a budget. Whether your wedding day hair will be curly, straight, updo, down or somewhere in between, we’ve got both the newest and the most classic looks for your hair.

Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

We’ve all been in awe of some celebrity or the other at some point in our lives. Celebrities in Hollywood have always been held in high-esteem as some of the biggest trend-setters in fashion, be it dresses, shoes, make-up, or hairstyles. We provide you with a beautiful gallery of some of the most unique and creative celebrity wedding hairstyles that are taking the word by storm as we speak. The Taylor Swift updo, for one, has always been idolized for Swift’s princess-like messy yet organized hairstyles. On the other hand, the Jessica Alba updo has always been applauded for her boldness and sophistication. Many have found Eva Longoria updo to be very close to real life hairstyles and bare a semblance to nature and beauty. And if you want the best half updos in the world, you know that Carrie Underwood updo is the place to go!

Styles for All Kinds of Hair

We understand that every bride has a different kind of hair. Women from different parts of the world have different complexions, stature, face shapes and types of bodies. This also, at the end of the day, also affects which hair style will bring out your best features and disguise the flaws. We’ve categorized our collection of styles into wedding hairstyles for long hair, wedding hairstyles for medium hair, and wedding hairstyles for short hair. Long hair tends to be the most flexible one when you’re looking to do something creative and classy with your hair for the wedding, especially with some of the many vintage wedding hairstyles. However, we’ve also come up with some elegant short hairstyles for weddings that’ll simply blow you away. You’ve always got the option of using hair extensions to create the wedding hairstyle you’ve chosen for your big day as well.

Long Hairstyles

Our gallery of coiffures for long hair show you how you can model your long and beautiful tresses for the wedding. Hair classified as ‘long’ will lies several inches below the shoulder. You can add in beautiful hair combs, floral tiaras, and veils to your look to achieve the kind of theme you’re looking for. With long bridal styles there truly are so many options, be it wedding updos for long hair or down hairstyles. Half-up hairstyles  are another all-time favorite of long-haired brides. Check out our long hair gallery to get some more ideas.

Bridal Hair Accessories

Choosing the right wedding hair accessories is just as important as choosing the right shoes, dress, jewelry, and hairstyle. You really don’t want to leave this till the last moment. In some cases, adding in some tiny jeweled bridal hair accessories or a grand tiara might be all you need to step up your simple hairstyle to meet the high standards of elegance that your wedding day calls for. Weddings are synonymous with bridal hair flowers in many parts of the world, particularly in Asia. Don’t forget to browse through our galleries of bridal hair pins, bridal hair flowers and bridal hair pieces. After all, that’s what’s going to be holding your hair down on the inside.

A Selection of Wedding Hairstyles from Around the World

American and European brides are not the only ones out there. Wedding traditions on the Asian and African sub-continents are also very colorful, interesting, and beautiful! We’ve hand-picked some of the best black wedding hairstyles, Indian wedding hairstyles, and Asian wedding hairstyles for those seeking something different or more ethnic.

General Tips for Getting the Perfect Wedding Hairdo

  1. Choose a bridal hairstyle only after you’ve chosen your dress and before you’ve bought your hair accessories.
  2. Run hairstyle trials several times before your wedding day to check how long the hairstyle chosen ill hold up for and how it looks on you. This can make for a great pre-wedding party.
  3. Schedule the sessions with your hair salon months in advance.
  4. Take good care of your hair. Don’t be afraid of pampering yourself too much.
  5. Bookmark the hairstyles you like best as you browse our galleries. This will help you narrow down your options.
  6. Never overdo on the accessories.
  7. Choose a style that’s all about you and makes you look beautiful. After all, it’s all about you on your big day!